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here is where you will find most - if not all - of the information on stars & streetlights you'll want or need. rules, pokémon, even a faq list.

Sub-board: Pokémon Info

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by ♛ JORDY .
Sept 12, 2012 19:06:42 GMT -8
No New Posts Announcements

promos, new additions, and anything that we've updated can be found here! check back regularly to see what's going on around stars & streetlights.

Sub-boards: Site Plots, Activity Checks

by ♛ JORDY .
Oct 30, 2012 21:43:09 GMT -8
No New Posts Staff Chat

where all the awesome planning of stars & streetlights happens. 8D secret plans, plots, new attractions, and maybe even a location or two will be discussed here for your future entertainment. that, and we laze around like the bums we are.

Sub-board: Storage

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No New Posts Registration

your first step after reading the rules! make sure you look over everything in our must reads properly though~ after posting your completed application, a profile mod will look it over for the finer details and accept your character— as well as assign classes, dorms, and a starter. it’s sounds simple, doesn’t it?

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by ♛ JORDY .
Mar 21, 2012 12:10:28 GMT -8
No New Posts Student Database

all accepted student and professor applications can be found here.

Sub-boards: Students, Faculty

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No New Posts Pokémon Logs

here you will find each individual log for the students and professors of aleteo academy, containing records of their pokémon and items. this is required for every character.

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No New Posts Character Extras

new to the site? don't just sit around waiting! this should be your next step in character creation. make friends, rivals, lovers— have a relationship you've been dying to role play? troll some plot ads, put up a wanted ad. we don't bite. <3 you could even set up a tracker to stay updated.

Sub-boards: Plot Ads, Wanted Ads, Thread Trackers, Trades

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No New Posts Instant Messaging

a common, and faster, form of communication for students~ got something to say to someone you don't want to talk face-to-face? slacking off right before exams? do it here.

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Aleteo Academy

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No New Posts First Floor

this is as far as most visitors are allowed to wander, unless they are taking a guided tour of the academy. painted portraits, pictures of grand festival champions that were once students themselves, tea for the guests in expensive china, it fulfills the expectations of nervous parents. there is a grand ivory piano set in the corner, the floor decorated with marble pillars and making known achievements of the school.

Sub-boards: Dining Hall, Ballroom, Corridors & Hallways

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No New Posts Second Floor

just as ornate as the first floor, the second floor is home to a student retreat; the library, lounge, and--sadly--classes are found on this floor. the grand hall is adorned with past coordinating wins, articles and awards from aleteo alumni. the faculty at the academy hope to inspire each generation of students with these hanging displays of encouragement.

Sub-boards: Aleteo Library, The Lounge, North Tower

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No New Posts Classrooms

the classrooms at aleteo academy are like your typical class: two rows of desks are aligned in a semi-circle around the front of the room where the professor's desk resides, while a blackboard on the wall provides a primitive display when notes are being taken. here, the professors use their specific expertise to train their young protégés into winning contest participants. six classrooms are located on the second floor of aleteo academy.

Sub-boards: P. LEE, D. KYE, R. SEUNG, A. AP OWEN, J. KANG

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No New Posts Third Floor

the entire third floor of aleteo is dedicated to the housing of its students and staff. like any self respecting academy of their prestige, aleteo separates their students. the entire third floor is split into three wings. the east wing, which houses the boys dormitories, the center wing, which houses the faculty dormitories, and finally the west wing, which keeps our female students nice and cozy. sneaking into other dorms is frowned upon, and can be punishable... if a professor finds you, that is.

Sub-boards: Girls Dormitories, Boys Dormitories, Faculty Dormitories

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No New Posts Rooftops

vast in size, the flat rooftops are hard to access, yet a constant visiting grounds for students that mange to find the stairs. the area is free terrain, no one bothers to check up here anymore, or at least anyone that cares, beach chairs and odd bird baths set up from over time. somewhere for private matters, socializing or having lunch, the rooftops are a yard of discarded furniture-- crumbled sculptures, old fountains, and even a laundry line.

Sub-boards: Gardens, Greenhouses

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No New Posts School Grounds

the gardeners and florist hired keep the academy as if it were the meticulous cover of a brochure; trimming the hedges, keeping the flower boxes alive, small things that are done throughout the day. living up to its reputation as more a resort than a boarding school, students are free to linger anywhere they like. there are silver gates at the entrance, dark historical lampposts and wooden benches at every corner.

Sub-boards: Courtyard, Contest Hall, Classical Theatre

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Varela Island

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No New Posts Santa Elena

surrounding the east and southeast portions of the island, the wooden boardwalk is where the inhabitants of varela go to escape the hustle of resort island life. a direct line from the academy to the marketplace. walking by, you can often smell the oil of funnel cakes and spurning of cotton candy. it's busy on weekends, as well as nights-- which are the best time to visit santa elena. with a variety of features, games (why not win a stuff animal?) or entertainment or even carnival rides depending on season, it is one of the main tourist attractions. a neon ferris wheel, one of the biggest in all of the regions, is always in working motion.

Sub-boards: boardwalk games, Paseo Verde

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No New Posts Conchas de Mar

crowded during the day and a perfect romantic getaway at night, conchas de mar has been a hotspot for tourists and islanders alike. light sand and untainted, rather shallow, saltwater, it might be a slight struggle to find somewhere to place your towel. dotted with ice cream vendors, colorful parasols, and forgotten flip-flops, the beach is the host for many events throughout the year. here you can treat yourself - and your pokémon - to a day of rest, relaxation, and fun!

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No New Posts Town Square

busy with friendly faces instead of tourists, the forum is rather rustic and quaint, much less modern than other parts of the island. the grass may be a bit overrun, but nevertheless still a perfect meeting place. this cobblestone center of town is equipped with an elegant fountain, benches, barters and buskers, and the infamous absol. heed his warning, though most think of his peculiar predictions as fables, anyway.

Sub-boards: Varela Marketplace, Caja de Música Café, Alas de Mariposa, Farola Canals, Park, Curiosity Nightclub, residences

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Cámara Island

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No New Posts Rocío Jungle

a vast, dense, humid forest of oversized fronds and bamboo, the jungle is home to a wide array of grass, bug, and poison-type pokémon. berries can be found here, as well, so before when walking under the trees.the fauna here is exceptional, as bursts of colour from an assortment of wild flowers produce the most beautiful and soothing aromas in this group of islands. but beware! these petals bursting with colour attract the wild elemental creatures lurking in the lush greens and blues of this wild maze.

Sub-boards: Lluvia Waterfalls, Estéro Rivers, Canela Springs

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No New Posts Venenosa Caverns

an underwater nook and cranny that was broken off from the reef, venenosa caverns have become a popular hang out for older students since its grand opening. requiring HM06 Dive, to get to the swim-up bar/café underneath the surface, one must travel through the deep tunnels of coral, seaweed, and curious fish. it is a short route, however, opening into a breathable grotto. full of odd, dusty antiques (glass perfume jars or champagne bottles or sea glass) and dull treasures collected off the bottom of the ocean, the interior is straight off of the little mermaid. not many know about the isolated location, a silly rumor to some, and perhaps it is meant to stay that way in case someone gets too greedy with star pieces and pearls.

Sub-board: Carta Amorosa

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No New Posts Alto Cerúlea

deep within the earth, these glacier caverns are unlike any other. crystalline and frozen, the seasons seem to pass in a state of eternity. glowing ice crystals penetrate the dark walls of the meadow gone to ruin, a strange pale light seeming to pulse from within. it is not easy to fathom how far the caves reach; no one particularly wants to try. delicate flowers do bloom, sculpted into the ice like art. temperatures are cold, it would wise if one wore a heavy jacket-- and maybe a knit scarf. and gloves. and boots. ice pokemon roam here, accustomed to the hiding places.

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Isla de Murmullo

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No New Posts Murmullo Flatlands

destroyed hundreds of years ago by the volcano, this portion of the island is home to ghost and psychic types. as their combined psychic energies increased, it has attracted the likes of electric types. with the three types taking over, the ground glows blue with electrical currents while the psychic energy produces a zero-gravity tolerance-- you float over the electrified ground. it also holds a dark air ...

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No New Posts Ancient Grounds

once known as "torre de marfil", these decrepit structures are overgrown and hidden from view. it is said that traditional rituals were performed here, remains of an once imposing temple left behind. the rare dragon type may be found in this area. watch your step, however, the crumbling stone steps can be quite treacherous. you must have HM01 Cut to post here.

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No New Posts Cielo Plateau

the west side of the island is where you'll find cielo plateau, the only location on murmullo that doesn't seem menacing. overlooking the ocean, one may use the flat, endless sea below to sunbathe if they dare, most come here just for the view. flying types are the reigning pokémon here, taking solace in the calm.

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Lajas Island

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No New Posts Para Siempre

a beast of a mountain. the pride and joy of these islands. the massive, semi-active volcano, nicknamed "para siempre" by the civilians, takes up a large portion of lajas. it covers most, if not all, of the island; the only other locations being the spooky cloud forest and the even spookier catacombs at the base of the mountain. fire types, rock types, steel types, and basically any hardass, scary as fuck pokemon lurks around these parts. in fact, they gradually get scarier as you advance upwards -- it's advised that you don't get too close to the top, though... this volcano is awfully weird... you must have HM08 Rock Climb to post here.

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No New Posts Manos de la Muerte

no one in their right mind should be wandering around ancient catacombs that are nicknamed "death's hands" by the local folk. no one knows much about this place. just that it's incredibly creepy, and happens to hold thousands of dead bodies. the real question is how these people died... you sure can't ask the ground and rock types trotting along here, so you'll have to figure it out on your own... you must have TM70 Flash to post here.

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No New Posts Bosque de Niebla

ashes from the last volcanic eruption from the para siempre have fallen over the southern area of lajas island, staining the remaining skeletal structures of tree limbs that have somehow stayed intact. the clouds here are smoky, creating a foggy atmosphere. fire types lurk in these clouds, as they have been emitting a heat for hundreds of years. fighting types can also be found here, as the grounds provide many sources of physical training. you must have HM10 Defog to post here.

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Espina Sandbar

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Espina Shipwrecks

forced to their doom by an unknown force, the espina shipwrecks are constantly drenched from the perpetual downpour that surrounds this end of the sandbar. these storms keep most at bay with the threat of hail and lightning. it's an eerie place, with the supposed sightings of phantoms that linger the ship's drowned interior. stronger dark and ghost types can be found here. you must have TM70 Flash to post here.

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No New Posts Whirlpools

the whirlpools surrounding espina sandbar have been considered the reigning cause for the beached and sunken ships meaning to make port on varela island. stronger water types can be found here. you must have HM09 Whirlpool to post here.

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The Regions

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No New Posts Kanto

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No New Posts Johto

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No New Posts Hoenn

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No New Posts Sinnoh

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No New Posts Unova

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Out of Character

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No New Posts General Board

want an opinion on something? just a chat, maybe? spam us here with pictures, random links, whatever! the general board is here for you to do ...well, whatever you want. the possibilities are endless~

Sub-boards: Introductions, Games, Absences

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No New Posts Ads & Affiliates

advertisement? affiliating? this is the place. please be careful with your codes here! we will delete anything that stretches our board. preview button is your friend~ this is guest friendly. pb, if, and jcink only please. c:

Sub-boards: affiliation!, first time, link back, sorted ads

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No New Posts Thread Graveyard

completed, unfinished, or abandoned threads and events will go here.

Sub-boards: Old Student Apps, Old Faculty Apps, Old Logs, Past OTMs

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